Christmas party

Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world

Shooting Range

This team building program includes everything from what to shoot, bullet Babakhan, and all that you can throw, throw and throw:

  • shooting from the historic wooden bow
  • shooting from sports (Olympic) bow
  • shooting crossbow
  • shooting a slingshot
  • Sport Knife throwing
  • copy-throwing Sulitsa
  • throwing ax (Tomahawk)
  • throwing training grenades
  • throwing shuriken (samuaryskih Stars)
  • shooting from a pneumatic pistol
  • air rifle with telescopic sight
  • shooting a bazooka - potatogana
  • the firing of the paintball marker
  • shooting from airsoft guns
  • launch water rockets
  • Golf shooting range
  • football, basketball, hockey shooting
  • throwing valenki :)

All the borders are equipped infantry targets (depending on the type of projectile), individual security zones and controlled by experienced instructors, including the participants and winners of the competition in practical shooting.

Possible team or individual competition, awarding the winners of the first, second and third place certificates of honor, medals and prizes:)

"Great shooting" from the "Team Building Club" - raises not only the team but also the morale!

Maybe as part of Great Challenge, Mega games, Olympic games etc.