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Airsoft - command of military tactical game, which has some similarities with paintball and laser tag, but, nevertheless, much different from them.

Airsoft Guns are the exact copy of an existing weapons of various countries, the accuracy of the copy comes to what looks to distinguish a sample from airsoft combat almost impossible. But, in contrast to the fighting, airsoft guns shoot small plastic balls with a diameter of 4.5 mm. The principle of operation is different weapons - there are options with a spring-type pneumatic, electric motor, spray with carbon dioxide - the essence remains the same: the weight of the plastic ball is so small that even at a relatively high rate of departure it can not cause a person serious injuries. Exceptions are the eyes - they should always be protected sunglasses or a mask. All other parts of the body does not need to be protected.

Since there is no need, as in paintball, always wear a mask - a relatively light enough points that do not fog up, and from which the player does not get tired - in airsoft games usually are longer and extend over a larger area. The simplest weapon for airsoft is relatively not expensive, with advanced sample cost may exceed fighting counterparts. Balls for games also are not quite expensive.

In this case, for airsoft pellets do not leave traces (unlike paintball), and the game in airsoft conducted on honesty. In this context, and given the high level of similarity with this weapon - a very big difference in playing airsoft entourage. Players wear uniforms operating divisions, as well as use real equipment and uniforms. Widely used telecommunication, electronics, pyrotechnics.

Summary - regarding paintball, airsoft anturazhnye game more, but less objective.

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