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Fort Assault

Paintballers are landing on the one of forts of the Finnish Gulf. This program allows you to experience the intensity of a real fight while remaining safe and sound. The action takes place at one of the forts on the Gulf of Finland, totally surrounded by water. It is only possible to get there by boat.

Before the program starts, while all still on land, the participants are divided into two teams: "Marines" and "Garrison." The Garrison team is sent to the fort and takes up the defensive position. The task of the garrison is to figure out possible vulnerable areas in the defense of the fort, and take up firing positions. Meanwhile the Marines receive intelligence information: the plan of the fort and its pictures. After briefing, they get in boats and set off for the fort. Their mission is to storm the fort. They have the variety of weapons to use for the operation – smoke grenades, paintball grenades, mines, etc. - that makes the game very real, entertaining and exciting experience. After the battle, the winner is announced, and the teams switch roles.

"Storm the Fort" - one of the most dynamic and exciting corporate programs. It is only the coordinated efforts and mutual support of teammates that guarantees victory in battle.

The program only for players with a great paintball experience!

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