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Adventure race

Extreme (sometimes called adventure or Multisport) race represent an extreme sporting event involving medium or high level of physical activity.

Competition is normally conducted in teams of two to eight people, or individually. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the time of year and the venue of the competition, in the race program can be the following steps (discipline):

  • Orientation in sports a large-scale map,
  • Trekking — orienteering topographic map over large distances,
  • Geocashing,
  • Cycling — orienteering, sprint or another
  • orientation according to the legend (road book),
  • Climbing,
  • Various hight rope challenges — descent rappelling, climbing gumare, air or parallel terminal
  • Canyoning — descend the falls with safety equipment
  • Cave exploration,
  • Rafting shooting the rapids on the raft, or swim for a variety of homemade rafts
  • Kayaking route along the river or pond by kayak or canoe
  • Swimming — swimming in open water or in the pool
  • Clips — orientation or track at speed on the rollers,
  • Mastering — running along the shoreline with elements of orientation,
  • In winter, snowshoes, skis (orientation or speed)
  • horse riding,
  • Bolting — running through the swamp, sometimes with orientation,
  • sled dog Race,
  • Everything that will come to mind to organizers

the Duration of extreme races ranging from several hours to several days, the total length of the route — from tens to hundreds of kilometers. Extreme races are held in the woods and in urban environments with orientation on streets and swim along the rivers and canals. The program of each race, of course, takes into account the customer's wishes and physical fitness of participants, but to sweat in any case have.