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Zombie Run

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OCR, Obstacle Course Racing - the teambuilding format is similar to the "Hero Race", but in addition to static obstacles runners are hungry zombies.Teambuilding in the style of "Obstacle Course Racing" can be organized both in the city and in the country. Runners participate in the race teams ("waves"), which contributes to the strengthening of relationships within the team.Participation does not require any special training and a special physical form. After the race, the participants discuss this event for a long time, share their impressions and photos.

The length of the distance - about 5 kilometers. On the track participants await the hungry zombies that hinder the overcoming of distance. Maybe part of Zombie Apocalypse.

Zombie Run Video

Репортаж телеканала "100ТВ" о "Зомби-забеге 2014"

What's the point?
Quickly run the track, did not hit the zombie.

How to be a zombie to catch participants?
Each runner will have a belt with three ribbons. Challenge a zombie to tear of the tape. If all three strips are torn off, you snickering.

What if all my tape will tear off a zombie?
So, you snickering. But you don't instantly turn into zombies (the zombie virus takes a while). Go into quarantine. After the finish all participants in the team building there will be a prize draw for snickering.

If physical contact between zombies and runners?
No! Any intentional contact is prohibited. Zombies are not allowed to push, hit, grab, anything to physically affect the runners. Runners are also not allowed to touch the zombies. You can protect your tapes dodging, twisting, running, crawled, prygova from zombies.

Will there be a fixed time on the track?
No. Task runners is to complete a track for controlling time, did not hit the zombies. Among the survivors will be the Grand prize draw.

Can I attend the teambuilding event as a runner or as a zombie? What's the difference?
Yes, every participant can register as a runner or as a zombie. Runners - those who are running away from zombies. Trying to get a zombie. Who will do it better than anyone else - gets the prize. A zombie is a zombie. Zombies are trying to Segrate runners. Zombies just get pleasure from the process. Zombie plan is much less than the participants, so the number of places for the zombies is limited. Also zombies will be zombies raffle prizes.

What is a track?
The track passes through forest and villages. You can meet a variety of artificial obstacles, water hazards, buildings, terrain and of course, creepy zombies.

The Obstacles are known before the start?
No, it will remain a surprise.

Zombie Run Photo

  • Teambuilding Zombie Run
  • Teambuilding Zombie Run
  • Teambuilding Zombie Run
  • Teambuilding Zombie Run
  • Teambuilding Zombie Run
  • Teambuilding Zombie Run
  • Teambuilding Zombie Run
  • Teambuilding Zombie Run
  • Teambuilding Zombie Run
  • Teambuilding Zombie Run

Is It very difficult?
The track is capable of any man, confidently moving over rough terrain.

Do I Need maps, compasses, navigators, phones, and other Pribluda?
There is no need. The entire route is signposted marks.

Do I Need a flashlight?
There is no need. Even if there are dark sections of the route - there will be lighting.

How to dress for the runners?
Comfortable sport clothes and shoes you do not mind dirty or break.

How to dress a zombie?
Some zombies for a long time lay in the ground. Accordingly, their clothing looks the best of the old and ragged. Others - on the contrary, recently became infected. It could happen anywhere - in the workplace (primarily known to have been infected by medical staff), on vacation or at home. In General, dress so that then the clothes can be thrown away :) Any non-zombie costumes is welcome. All zombies before to be applied zombie makeup.

How do I train for a zombie run?
Run, watching zombie movies. Run again.

Will be some kind of a briefing - what you can and cannot do?
Yes, before the start will be a detailed briefing for runners and zombies.

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