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Greece: corporate yacht regatta

Greece is a perfect place for corporate regattas. The main advantages of team building:

  • Large selection of yachts for Charter, including the possibility of recruiting the same type of yacht
  • Low cost Charter - from 1500 EUR per week 6 pax Charter yachts
  • Convenient and versatile routes for Cyclades - the Islands of the Aegean sea
  • Comfortable and spacious Marina with everything you need
  • Cheap flight (in Athens), convenient public transport

It is possible (and recommended) accommodation on the yacht that has everything you need - shower, toilet, private twin cabins.

The food partially in a café in the harbour, partly perhaps to prepare your own meals on the boat - there is a fully equipped kitchen.

When staying on the boat shared the cost of the regatta does not exceed the cost of the trip in a cheap hotel. The regatta is a huge amount of new impressions, drive and fun.

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A few shots of team building with the quadcopter.
All calm, as in a strong wind to land the copter on a yacht is very difficult.