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Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world

Treasure of the Fort

Exciting treasure hunt in an abandoned fort.

The venue for this program is Fort "Alexander I,” in Saint Petersburg, Russia an oval-shaped, stone fort with three-tiered gun casemates and a closed courtyard – a more recent and a larger reconstruction of the world-famous Fort Boyard in France. Fort "Alexander" is a pearl in the necklace of Kronstadt forts. It is located on the southern island of the Kotlin raid in the Gulf of Finland. Throughout the entire history of the fort no enemy has ever stepped foot on its grounds.

You will find a Treasure Chest on a high platform in the center of the fort. The story says it appeared there under some mysterious circumstances. It is locked by a number of locks. The keys to the locks can be found at the bottom of ancient jars located around the Chest. To get the keys is not an easy task – you will have to fill the jars with the blood of goblins, and using only the ancient amphoraes. The blood of goblins you can get from an old blind and deaf man living in one of the deepest and most dreadful dungeons of the fortress. You can trade the blood only for doubloons, which you will have to earn by overcoming various obstacles and avoiding traps.

You will go through dozens of tasks trying to get the necessary amount of cherished doubloons. You will meet some characters doing their best to prevent you from earning another doubloon.

You will have to move forward, overcoming fear, showing agility and quickwittedness, speed and accuracy, and demonstrating competent team work.

After all tasks are accomplished, and the treasure chest is opened, you can enjoy the variety of the buffet and bar, fireworks and, of course, the open-air dance party with lively music! Refreshing sea breeze included!

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