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This creative program is designed for gourmands interested in cuisines of different countries. You will cook a particular dish under the guidance of an experienced chef.

There are several options available. In one scenario the chef gives a master class on preparing a particular dish to all the participants, and then the teams need to replicate the same dish with their own hands. In the end, each team presents their prepared dishes, and everybody enjoys them.

Teambuilding Cooking Classes

In another scenario the teams are given a certain set of food products, and they are supposed to prepare some meals within a limited time and serve them to the other competitors. An expert jury will evaluate the performance of each team and the quality of the meals.

If you want to learn how to flip pancakes or make rolls blindfolded, or if you are eager to learn to carve flowers out of fruits, then this program is definitely for you! Culinary master classes are quite universal – they can be held both as an active element of a thematic program or a separate corporate event.

Competitive version of the culinary master class - Culinary Battle: Culinary duel.

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