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A great option for intelligent team building for teams from 30 to 500 people (from 5 to 50 teams). For teams up to 30 people (up to 5 teams) - we recommend the game Brain Tournament.

The host reads out the questions at the same time as they are displayed on the screen, the teams consult and write the answers on the forms, at the end of each round, the forms are collected, checked, and the rating of the teams for the current moment is announced. In the final - the winning team is determined by the sum of points.

Our quiz consists of 6 or 7 rounds with 8 questions in each round, which in total takes 2 hours, including two short breaks. You can make more or less rounds to make the game faster or longer. Quiz is suitable for any format of an indoor event - team building, rally, banquet, and goes well with lunch or dinner (and breakfast too). Quiz can be carried out as a separate event, or as part of a large program.

Quiz consists of interesting questions of different levels of complexity, from simple and fun, to logically complex. At the same time, we do not make boring boring questions, nor abstruse, to deep academic knowledge. The ideal question is which you can think about, consult in a team and come to the right answer through logical reasoning.

We do two rounds in the corporate style - one thematic round of questions on the profile of the company’s activities, and one round about the company itself — either according to open information, or with the participation of a company representative in the preparation of the questions.

In the process of team building, participants learn to hear each other and make quick decisions. The ability to work on the result increases, the qualities of leadership and initiative are manifested, positive internal relations in the team develop.

  • Teambuilding Quiz!
  • Teambuilding Quiz!
  • Teambuilding Quiz!
  • Teambuilding Quiz!

Quiz, which combines all the best from all known intellectual and entertaining games:

And all this - in one game!

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