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ATV Safari

This is a fascinating program containing elements from extreme sports. An ATV is a four-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicle. The ATV has a unique combination of qualities - light weight, high power output and easily managed, which makes it the perfect vehicle for overcoming all kinds of terrain.

The program for racing ATVs is as follows:

Before the program starts, experienced instructors will teach you to ride an ATV. Shortly thereafter, you can test yourself and practice handling an ATV on a short circular route. This will help you to understand how the ATV manages different types of terrain, including climbs, descents, and overcoming obstacles.

The second part of the program is a linear trophy. You will have to navigate a complex, extended track with many obstacles. It is a lot of fun to ride an ATV, and doubly so if you can enjoy picturesque landscapes: forest clearings, lake shores, beautiful forest - places inaccessible on other vehicles. Throughout the route, you will have to overcome various obstacles, cross streams, climb steep slopes, and move through seemingly impassable swamps. This trip requires thorough preparation. Depending on the complexity of the chosen route, you will either have to overcome the obstacles you meet on the way head-on, or go around them, enjoying the views.

The third part of the program is orienteering, which includes a team building element. At the start the teams are provided with a GPS navigator and radio to communicate with each other. The GPS navigators already contain some coordinates, each with different values (which are expressed in points). The orienteering itself, depending on your preferences, may be based on three scenarios.

The first one is a classic race, where each person participates individually, trying to collect as many points as possible, and beating the others by getting the highest score.

The second option is a team race, when the entire group is divided into two teams and the participants only communicate within their team, and try to collect as many points as possible.

And, the third option is a search for the cache. In this scenario, the participants are provided with GPS navigators, containing only the coordinates for a few starting points, and only by finding them all can they get the coordinates for the next level points and eventually bring them to the goal. The search for points and caches requires the joint effort of all participants, which could not be better for building team spirit in your company.

Corporate events that include ATV racing will be well remembered and enthusiastically discussed by your employees, since this exciting adventure provides a lot of fun and thrill, creates new impressions and stimulates positive emotions.


In addition to ATVs, perhaps a pit bike safari - small light motorcycles. Pit bikes are easy to operate, and professional equipment will make pit bikes comfortable and safe. The difficulty level of the route is chosen depending on the moto - experience of the participants, and varies from simple skiing to a real moto trophy or moto travel.

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