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Movie Making

Great movie-team building program that allows everyone to take part in working together on a real movie.

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Shooting a movie in a natural setting

Cinema team building is based on the shooting of a short film based on an original script, based either on the classics of cinema (from "Gentlemen of Fortune" to "From Dusk Till Dawn"), or on a corporate theme. Participants will play the role of actors, make-up artists, cameramen, lighting and directors.

Teambuilding Movie Making

The film consists of several scenes, each of which is filmed on its own set. The filming location is chosen so that the teams have the opportunity to shoot many fantastical or believable, and always interesting scenes, using various special effects, from simple "smoke" to floating in the air in the style of "The Matrix".

Movie Making Photo

  • Teambuilding Movie Making
  • Teambuilding Movie Making
  • Teambuilding Movie Making
  • Teambuilding Movie Making
  • Teambuilding Movie Making
  • Teambuilding Movie Making
  • Teambuilding Movie Making
  • Teambuilding Movie Making
  • Teambuilding Movie Making
  • Teambuilding Movie Making
  • Teambuilding Movie Making
  • Teambuilding Movie Making
  • Teambuilding Movie Making

Coming to the site, the team is instructed, receives all the necessary props and proceeds to rehearsals and filming. The filming of a scene consists of the distribution of roles, preparation of equipment, make-up of actors, rehearsal and several takes. The whole team takes part in the filming: each team building participant will have to master several professions required on the set, and the result depends on the overall well-coordinated work.

In filming, it is possible to use professional equipment, props and scenery, allowing you to shoot even the most incredible scenes. Including excellent filming equipment and lighting, professional pyrotechnics and equipment for performing various "cine stunts". The instructor supervises the work and safety on the site,who also helps the team with technical issues. In total, teams shoot several different scenes at several locations.

Movie Making Video

After all the sites have been completed and all the scenes have been filmed, a break is announced, and the teams hand over the cameras with the filmed material to the instructors for subsequent editing, which is carried out by a team of professional operators.

During the buffet, all the scenes filmed by the teams are edited into a full-fledged film, and the Big Premiere begins!

Teambuilding Movie Making

Features and special abilities:

Shooting a movie on a "green background" (chroma key)

Shooting a film on a "green background" with subsequent substitution of "virtual scenery" and special effects. The team building program "Movie Making" allows you to use any scenario - Star Wars, Wild West, Water World and any others. As a "background" you can use fragments of famous films - both static and dynamic scenes, including those with imitation of interaction with the characters of the original film.

Movie Making Video

All you need for a team building movie is a good mood and a creative mindset. Filming takes place in any room of sufficient area. All teams shoot scenes at the same time in different rooms, each with its own theme. The scenes are then edited into one single film, with a preview showing on the same day.

In just a couple of hours, the most experienced editors will transfer the action of the film to the jungle, the desert or the North Pole. In the final version of the film, special effects will be added, and, if necessary, animation according to the script.

Teams are provided with character costumes, props, and a basic script that can be modified as you wish, adding your own jokes and plot twists. The program "Movie Making", in addition to the acting, will surprise the viewer with fantastic landscapes and truly large-scale scenes!

Mega Movie

The combination of all video, photo, and music creative software - in one!

Tik-Tok Station

Several decorated areas for tiktok shooting, equipped with good lighting, a ring lamp and a phone holder. Locations can be stylized under corporate themes. The content you create has a viral effect!

Tik-Tok Station is a quick and easy way to make a fun video!


A theatrical production is in many ways similar to filming - it also focuses on the acting, their lines, facial expressions and gestures. But, unlike the film, the theater is not possible without spectators - in a corporate performance, one part of the team performs in front of the other.

The preparatory part takes several days, or even weeks. It all starts with the choice of the script - from the genres, the staging of the musical is optimal, as the most colorful, and not tied only to the acting, genre. The script can be either classical (The Bremen Town Musicians, Mowgli, Dead Souls, The Master and Margarita) or avant-garde or even absurd. In this case, you can, of course, bring something of your own to the script. It must be remembered that in the theater the most important thing is the audience, everything is done for its sake. And before you prepare a production, you need to understand who will be the audience, and what this viewer is interested in.

Next, some initial rehearsals, work with choreographers. At the same time, costumes are being prepared, scenery is being made - and all this is fully or partially carried out by the company's employees. Then - the final rehearsal, with sound, makeup, special effects, against the background of the scenery.

And, finally, the premiere, in front of the whole team, in a solemn atmosphere!

It is possible to shoot parts of the film by different teams in different cities separately, according to parts of the general script, with further editing into one big film.

Quiz Movie Making

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