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Incentive: 2 days

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Zorb - it's a big ball of soft double layer of transparent material (PVC - polivinilhlodira or TPU - TPU). External size Zorb varies from 2.5 to 3.5 meters, the most common - about 3 meters. The internal size - about 1.8 meters, which allows you to freely be it one or two "zorbonavta." Zorb has two input-output - connections between the inner and the outer sphere. Through these inputs zorbonavta penetrate Zorba. As a rule, the inner sphere Zorb present fixings to secure zorbonavta during movement. The outer and inner shell are interconnected with ropes, stretch marks on the type of bicycle wheel. Also, before using the space between the shells is inflated with air. Zorb weighs about 100 kilograms.

Zorb has two main advantages: first, softness - a layer of air between the inner and outer sphere extinguishes almost any punches. With this in corporate events Zorb can be used for riding a rollercoaster without the risk of injury. For this zorbonavta (or two zorbonavta) fixed straps on the inside of the sphere, and the Zorb down the mountain. Due to the large size of the Zorb, the speed of rotation during the descent from the mountain, in fact, is not that great, and, as it seems, and Zorb is able to overcome any obstacles on the way. The material from which made Zorb - an extremely durable, but even if Zorb is punctured (eg, not seen in a piece of grass reinforcement) - due to its large volume he calmly complete descent without visible changes. Before the next launch, you can check whether it does not lower, and if necessary - to stick.

The second property Zorb - buoyancy. With this Zorb can be used as an excellent teambuilding water attraction. Despite the seemingly large size - one person can transport it by swimming on quiet water in the absence of wind. It is also possible to climb in and out of the water directly from the Zorb.

In addition, you can arrange races in Zorba Zorba or more on a flat surface - by force zorbonavta, or using the command pushing the Zorb.

Zorb is used as one of the attractions or a competitive level in the corporate programs such as Great Challenge, Mega Games and Extreme Race.