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Archery Tag

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To play archery-tag (“archery paintball” or “soft bow”), arrows with a special large and soft tip, medium power bows, and paintball masks are used. Two teams play against each other, with different scenarios - “survivors”, “capture of the flag”, “base defense”. This team building activity is a funny team battle, clean and safe.

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  • Teambuilding Archery Tag
  • Teambuilding Archery Tag
  • Teambuilding Archery Tag
  • Teambuilding Archery Tag
  • Teambuilding Archery Tag
  • Teambuilding Archery Tag
  • Teambuilding Archery Tag
  • Teambuilding Archery Tag
  • Teambuilding Archery Tag

Arrow hit in any part of the body is completely safe, does not cause pain and does not leave bruises. The game does not require a special uniform - you can play in any clothes. The arrows are reusable, players can reuse fallen arrows repeatedly - both their own and the opponent's team. A hit counts if a player touch any part of the arrow - both with a soft tip and with plumage. Rules of the game controlled by referees on the playing field.

The site for archery team building is taking into safety requirements, and consists of natural or inflatable artificial hideouts. Most paintball sites are great for playing the Archery Tag. Since after the game field remains clean - you can play in any venues. During the cold season, indoor sports fields, such as indoor soccer fields, are great for indoor team building activity.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Team Building is a combination of Paintball and Archery Tag.

Representatives of several districts, united in teams, take part in the game. The team of each district has "tributes" - players armed with paintball markers, and "kitnis" - players armed with archery tag bows.

Kitniss wear a special protective vest, and are only hit in the back, from a bow or a paintball marker. It is not possible to deliberately shoot at a Katniss from the front, this is regarded as intentional shooting at the referee, with the subsequent removal of the player from the field. Tributes are hit according to the standard rules of paintball, from a marker or from a bow.

The task of the team of each district is to defeat all representatives of other districts and capture the Capitol.

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