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Olympic Games

Olympic Games is the greatest of the Hellenic national festivals. They are mentioned in myths and legends of ancient Greece. According to an ancient Greek legend, Hercules was the first winner of the Olympic Games, he was the fastest in the race, for which he was awarded a wreath of wild olives. The Olympics were not held for a while, but later they were restarted by the king of Elis, Ifit, and the Spartan lawgiver, Lycurgus, in 884 BC. Now the Olympics Games are the largest international multi-sport competition and are held every four years.

This is a great way for your employees to have a good time with their colleagues while engaged in healthy activities outdoors. Team Building Club keeps the tradition of the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece alive, making them available to everyone. We have developed three different forms of corporate Olympic Games: "Classical Olympics", "Corporate Olympics" and "Goodwill Games".

Whichever scenario you choose, the Olympic Games will start with the opening ceremony, which includes raising the flag, singing the national anthem and lighting the Olympic Torch.

Classic Contest

Participants will be divided into several teams and will take part in various Olympic competitions. But, the contests of these Olympics are not usual and contain some elements of fun. You will have a volleyball match and a mat fight and compete in a sailing regatta, giant slalom, cycle-cross, steeplechase and many other events.

Corporate Olympics

In this version of the Olympics, all competitions will be custom designed to meet your company’s specific needs. For example, competitions for supermarket employees might include pallet racing, speed vegetable or product shifting or speed shopping.

Corporate Olympics are the most cheerful and fun format.

Goodwill Games

This contest involves real sport competitions at various sports venues. The teams will compete in mini-football, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, badminton and darts. Everything is real, and every game is observed by a judge, so no cheating! All competitions are held according to the real sports’ regulations, on the same sized fields and with professional sports equipment.

Each Olympics finishes with an official closing ceremony, where the winners are awarded trophies and medals, followed by a colorful fireworks display and, of course, a barbecue party!

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