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Corporate Olympics

We continue the tradition of the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece, making them accessible to everyone, and offer three options for teambuilding: “Classic Olympics”, “Corporate Olympics” and “Comic Olympics”.

At the beginning of any Olympic Games, you will find the Opening Ceremony, where the Flag will be raised, the Anthem will be played and the Olympic Flame will be lit.

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Classic Olympics

This kind of Olympiad involves battles in real sports, on various sports grounds. Possible competitions:

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  • Teambuilding Corporate Olympics
  • Teambuilding Corporate Olympics
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  • Teambuilding Corporate Olympics
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  • Teambuilding Corporate Olympics
  • Teambuilding Corporate Olympics

The observance of the rules is followed by professional sports judges, so everything will be real. All competitions are held according to the current rules of these sports, in the margins of real size, using professional equipment.

Comic Olympics

Teambuilding Corporate Olympics

Participants in the classic Olympiad will unite in teams and take part in competitions in various "Olympic disciplines." But the disciplines in the funny Olympiad are not ordinary, but funny and funny: you have to fight each other in mega-volleyball, meet on tatami in sumo wrestlers' suits, take part in “giant slalom”, “cycle cross” and “obstacle run” ", As well as many other competitions.

Corporate Olympics

In this version of the Olympiad, all the competition-disciplines will be created by us or altered from existing ones, taking into account the specifics of your company's activities. As an example, this can be a race on pallets, high-speed shifting of products and competition for cutting accuracy for supermarket workers. Corporate Olympiad is the most fun kind of Olympiad!

After any of the Olympiad awaits you awards ceremony with the presentation of cups and medals, fireworks and of course - barbecue party!

The Olympic Games - the greatest of the Hellenic national festivals, are mentioned in the myths and legends of ancient Greece. According to ancient Greek legends, Hercules was the first winner of the Olympic Games, beating everyone in the race, for which he was awarded a wreath of wild olive. The first historical fact related to the Olympics is the renewal of their king Elida Ifit and the legislator of Sparta Lycurgus in 884 BC. e. Now the Games of the Olympiad are the largest international complex sports competitions of our time and are held every four years.

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