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St. Petersburg Scavenger Hunt

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An adventure team game based on the classic urban quest scheme used in games like Encounter and Watch.

The goal of the game is to find the end point on the terrain and complete the final task: find a key item or information. Depending on the scenario, this could be a code for a safe with banknotes, a key to a hostage cell, a name that a trained sea turtle responds to in a zoo, and so on. This can be done only by correctly solving a series of riddles. The answer to the final riddle is the answer to the game.

Teambuilding St. Petersburg Scavenger Hunt

The quest consists of a linear route through the city, divided into "levels". Each "level" is a puzzle, the answer to which is some location in the city. To solve the riddle, the team may need knowledge in a variety of areas - from the transmission of the text in Morse code to the periodic table, from various historical facts to alphabetic puzzles. To solve riddles, you can (and most often actively need to) use the Internet - search and various maps, but classical methods are also good - calling a friend, and the mathematical deduction method that has proven itself since the time of Sir Holmes :)

You can solve riddles through the joint efforts of the team, or you can create a separate "think tank", which will be in comfortable conditions, independently of the "field" players, to solve riddles in the "brainstorming" mode.

A certain time is allotted for solving the riddle (usually 1 hour is the maximum time for the riddle). At the same time, after some time (usually 10 minutes), the Hint #1 becomes visible to the teams, and after a while - Hint #2. If the team managed to find the answer, it immediately moves (on foot or by car) to the appropriate location, where it has to complete some task. The task can be a game location with a game technician, search for a password in the area, a task for attentiveness, a photo task and other options.

Teambuilding St. Petersburg Scavenger Hunt

If the team completed the task, they move on to the next “level” and receive the next riddle. If the team did not guess the riddle or did not complete the task within the allotted time, after the time expires, it also moves to the next “level”.

The first team to complete the final task correctly is the winner.

In the team building format, before the start of the game, the team is given a set of items necessary for the game, for example, a location map, photographs of various game objects, lanterns, numerical or alphabetic tips. For example, a photograph of a well-known place can be taken from an unusual angle, and a satellite image is added as a hint.

If the team building takes place in the city, the route of the game includes either the most famous and popular places, such as the Peter and Paul Fortress or St. Isaac's Cathedral, or, conversely, the most unusual places such as attics, bell towers and the interior of drawbridges.

City Quest is perfect as an active tour of the city, as well as gambling cognitive team building. It can be carried out on foot, in cars (minibuses) and other means of transportation - bicycles, scooters.

Task example

Example of a difficult “thinking” task: Determine the place from which there are 82 parrots to the group of gods of the disappeared people from southern Colombia, and the same number to the monument to Kulik of the Sokol series, and between them there are already 107 parrots.

Hint 1

Hint 2

The search area is the territory of St. Petersburg. You have one hour to reach your goal!

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  • Teambuilding St. Petersburg Scavenger Hunt
  • Teambuilding St. Petersburg Scavenger Hunt

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