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St. Petersburg scavenger hunt

St. Petersburg treasure hunt

Corpoarte command adventure game based on riddles and puzzles. The goal - to find the end point of the area, a key object or information. Depending on the scenario, it may be safe code with banknotes, the key to the camera with the hostages, the name by which responds trained sea turtle at the zoo, and so on. You can do this correctly only deciding a series of puzzles, each following a mystery, as a rule, more complex, and uses the previous answer. The answer to the final riddle and the answer to the Game.

Before starting the game each team gets a set of necessary items in the game, for example - a map of the area of ​​the city, the legend, photos of various game objects, lights, numeric or alphabetic tips. Photo well-known places can be made from an unusual angle, and as a hint added satellite image.

You may need knowledge in various fields - from the transmission of the text in Morse code to the periodic table, from a variety of historical facts to the letter puzzles. The main players are the weapons of logic and intuition, but also good and classical methods - call a friend, help the audience (or the Internet). Also, since the days of Sir Holmes well-proven method of mathematical deduction.

The winner is the team wich first correct answer to the last question, it does not require the passage of the entire route. It is also possible scenario in which a single goal of the quest, and the team work together to achieve it. At the same routes and assignments are different for each team.

If the corporate game takes place in the city, the route includes the most famous and popular places such as the Peter and Paul Fortress and St. Isaac's Cathedral - for visitors to the city, and vice versa, unusual places such as attics, steeples and interior drawbridges - for residents of St. Petersburg. In carrying out the country captured the most interesting and beautiful places of the district. Depending on the scenario, possible to use a variety of means - boats, off-road vehicles, bicycles or even a helicopter.

Here is an example of a rather complex task: You need to know the amount of alphabetic sequence numbers of the letters, who sits on the opposite side of the hedgehog in the vicinity of pink hippo. From the hedgehog to a group of gods disappeared people from southern Colombia - 82 parrots, and the same to the monument Kulik series Falcon, with those between themselves already 107 parrots. Tip: From the hedgehog to the fence of the Turkish trophies - 203 parrot. The search area - the territory of St. Petersburg.

So - you and you only have a few hours to reach the goal.

  • Teambuilding City Challenge
  • Teambuilding City Challenge

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