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Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world

Rock Climbing

Rock Storm is a skill, endurance and fortitude competition. The program can be held outdoors as well as indoors.

In Rock climbing participants climb a natural rock or artificial relief. This is a separate sport, which came from mountain climbing and is inextricably connected with it. "Rock storm" is based on “all round” principle, where participants go through several rounds:

A difficulty competition is an individual climbing event where participants climb the designated route one-by-one. The goal is to reach the endpoint of a pre-defined route without falling. Before the start of the game, the participants are given some time to see the route. Each participant is given only one try.

Speed competitions are organized in the form of double race, climbing, or an individual relay. The participant who completes the route in the quickest possible time gets the first prize. The terms are the same as in the difficulty competition. The climbing harness is used.

Bouldering is a series of short difficult routes. Each route should be completed within a few minutes (usually 4 - 8) and a climber has an unlimited number of attempts. As a bonus there can also be an intermediate finish on the route. As a protection a cushioned bouldering pad is used.

Climbing is an entertaining and exciting activity that can be an excellent basis for your team building.