Evening party

Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world

Army Challenge

This teambuilding military sports game is held at an abandoned missile base. According to the information received from a spy satellite, there is a secret biological weapons laboratory located somewhere on the base. The exact location is unknown. A special-task group is assigned to complete the following mission – find the laboratory, neutralize the head of the laboratory if possible, plant a remote-activated bomb, and retreat to a safe distance before detonating the bomb and destroying the lab and anyone inside. The group is delivered to the area of the laboratory’s probable location.

The first part of the mission is to find the lab using the satellite photos and information received from an unknown informant in the lab. The group will have to use navigators, radios and other auxiliary equipment. The game uses replicas of military weapons and various pyrotechnics and special effects.

A number of additional missions is also available, for example: finding a detonator in an underground labyrinth, crossing a minefield with a metal detector and a set of probes, making a fire with a set of standard drugs from the medicine chest, searching for a key in a smokescreen while wearing gas masks, neutralizing a bomb by cutting the right wire, and other missions.

The second part of the mission is to seize the lab by assault, break the resistance of the researchers, lay the charge (bomb) and get back to a safe distance. If successful, the charge is activated, and the laboratory is destroyed. The group is granted a government award for outstanding performance in a combat zone.

May be included: Zombie Apocalypse, Fox hunt, Paintball, Lasertag.

  • Teambuilding Army Challenge
  • Teambuilding Army Challenge
  • Teambuilding Army Challenge
  • Teambuilding Army Challenge
  • Teambuilding Army Challenge
  • Teambuilding Army Challenge