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Offroad driving

This event involves orienteering and traveling off-road in four-wheel drive vehicles in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This program will allow you to take part a real trophy in the forest of the Karelian Isthmus, driving a four-wheel drive UAZ vehicle on specially prepared tracks. The program, Trophy, may include tasks requiring tactics, logic, intelligence and teamwork. The program consists of many specials sections (SS), and the goal of every team in to reach the finish line at full strength after completion of all the tasks received at the Special Sections. The route may include one or more SS (see examples below).

It is Possible to participate on their machines – then the route is generated based on the capabilities of the car, up to a pure road option, or on our cars. At the moment we have: 2 vehicle for hire, suitable for medium off-road, a total capacity of 10 beds, an escort vehicle prepared for heavy, trophy-raids, and the support car. To manage our car required experience 2 years of age and confident using manual transmission.

Before the beginning of the program you will receive instructions and training for 4x4 driving. The coaching is followed by a qualification round, consisting of three tasks required to familiarize the team with the peculiarities of 4x4 driving in practice.

The qualification round may include "jeep swing" – negotiating obstacles – ditch crossing, climbing and other tasks.

  • offroad team building Offroad 4х4 Adventures
  • offroad team building Offroad 4х4 Adventures
  • offroad team building Offroad 4х4 Adventures
  • offroad team building Offroad 4х4 Adventures
  • offroad team building Offroad 4х4 Adventures
  • offroad team building Offroad 4х4 Adventures
  • offroad team building Offroad 4х4 Adventures

At the first Special Section (SS1) there is an orienteering legend.

At the start you will receive a Legend (road book) containing a description of the route. The task of the team is simply to accurately follow the route described in the legend. The route consists of forest trails, and competent navigation is the most difficult part of this task.

The second special site (SS2) is a linear Trophy.

Your task in this area is to drive a convoy of vehicles one-by-one in a serious off-road area. This part of the journey requires the concerted action of the participants, competent teamwork and mutual support of the crews. In particularly difficult areas the use of special off-road equipment (sand-ladder, rack bar jack) is possible. You may have to cross small rivers and streams. Throughout the linear trophy the vehicles are escorted by specially equipped support vehicles.

The third section (SS3) is map orienteering.

It is a time trial, where you will compete in searching for control points (CP) , using maps and satellite navigator (GPS). You will be able to fully demonstrate skills in orienteering and overcoming serious off-road areas. For better coordination and to be able help stranded vehicles if necessary, all the cars are equipped with radio-sets.

Before the start, you will be taught to use GPS-navigation device and get some instructions on completing SS3 . You will have to drive good forest tracks, paths and sometimes off-road areas in a pine forest. This part may also require mutual aid and support of the crews.

The game takes place at picturesque spots of the Karelian Isthmus, in the pine forest and lake shores. The duration of the program can vary depending on your wishes, and usually lasts from 3-4 hours to 12-15 hours - from early morning until late at night. On your request night rounds are also possible.

Thanks again for organizing the event and for the selfless struggle against adversity! We have girls here delighted. :) Anyway, everyone liked everything.


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