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Role playing game - also known as “living quest”, “game quest”, “live action quest”.

Creative team building, during which players transform into some characters at a key moment in history for several hours. This could be the search for the gold reserves of the Third Reich in the middle of the last century, the fight against a galactic virus on an orbital station in 2523, rescue from a desert island, defusing a ticking explosive device, or investigating the murder of a Roman emperor. The simplest role-playing game is the well-known Mafia.

Teambuilding Role Playing Game

The game begins with the distribution of roles, distribution of costumes and props according to the script. At the same time, each player is given some personal information unknown to anyone else and a unique mission.

The goal of the game for each character is to complete his game mission by any means within the rules of the game. Moreover, the missions, as a rule, of all players overlap and contain a conflict of interest - having completed his mission, the player makes it impossible for any other player to complete the mission. To achieve the goal, the heroes act in accordance with their characters and manners - this could be the power of persuasion, an agreement, blackmail. There are also “weapons” in the game - pistols, poisoned drinks, needles with sleeping pills, and so on, but these are extreme measures, and, as a rule, not the most effective. The player’s main weapons are logic, intuition and communication skills.

Teambuilding Role Playing Game

Usually a game according to a scenario is limited in time - this can be the landing of a plane with the heroes, the arrival of a yacht at the port, and so on, or until the players complete key missions.

At the end of the game, the heroes “reveal their cards” - they tell who they really were, and sometimes there are very unexpected turns - the flight attendant turns out to be an SS Obersturmbannführer, the ship captain turns out to be a space alien, and the leader of a neighboring tribe turns out to be a cyborg terminator.Teambuilding Role Playing Game

This team building can be carried out both indoors and outdoors, at any time of the year and, for almost any number of people.

We run both well-known games (for example, the role-playing game "Yacht") and games of our own design. It is also possible to develop an exclusive game on any topic.

Teambuilding Role Playing Game

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