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Evening party

Sea Battle Ragatta

Sea Battle - paintball on yachts! Optimally, the two teams play for a few yachts (the larger yachts in the team, the more interesting). Optimal team each yacht - 5 persons: an experienced skipper who runs a yacht and 4 arrow - 2 persons on board. Uses standard markers (guns) for paintball, Tippmann 98 class. During the battle, the whole team is constantly in protective paintball gear (masks, clothing). However, the fire is not on the players, and the targets set in the hull (for players to shoot is also possible, but it does not bring points). Judges boat control team radio. To apply special effects entourage - colored smoke and other pyrotechnics. During the game creates a full sense of the medieval naval battle on sailing ships, in the style of "Pirates of the Caribbean."

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