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White Water Rafting

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You can participate in a variety of extreme, funny and interesting team building events, or just enjoy floating on a smooth lake surface.

The venue for the "White Water" trips is the Losevsky rapid on the Vuoksi River. The Vuoksi is one of the largest rivers of the Lake District in northern Europe, which connects the two great European lakes - Saimaa (Finland) and the Lake Ladoga. The rapid is man-made, the result of draining the Suvanto lake in 1857.

Currently the rapid is the most popular tourist destination for water sports training. The Vuoksi River’s rapids and lakes allow a variety of adventures to be included in the "White Water" program.

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  • Teambuilding White Water Rafting
  • Teambuilding White Water Rafting
  • Teambuilding White Water Rafting
  • Teambuilding White Water Rafting
  • Teambuilding White Water Rafting
  • Teambuilding White Water Rafting

Rafting. The team drifts down the river in an inflatable raft with an instructor. This is one of the most fun and exciting adventures of the program. A raft can carry from 6 to 15 people, which leaves a pretty big margin because the absolute record raft capacity is about 60 (!) people. Racing on inflatable kayaks is an entertaining competition, where the crew’s competent teamwork, as well as the skill and courage of its individual members play an important role.

Water bike riding in the Suvanto lake is another exciting activity you can enjoy in the course of the program. The Water Bike Rodeo, is a trial where your task is simply to manage to stay in the saddle while an experienced instructor performs a variety of tricks on the bike. This adventure can be included in the main competitive program of the corporate event.

For the most reckless adventurists, the program may include jumping from a seven-meter-high railway bridge in the turbulent Vuoksi waters and drifting down the rapid in life jackets. The river at the railway bridge is very deep, and moreover, your security will be guarded by experienced instructors in the water. This makes bridge jumping completely safe, but will you be able to overcome your fear?

For those who want to have some more fun in the course of the competitions we can offer comic water-race on sex-dolls. Your task will be to make it through the rapid on this exotic “vehicle” and reach the finish line without losing your “friend,” which is not that easy.

Whichever components you choose, a lot of fun, joy, sun, water splashes and adrenalin will make your day!

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