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We have 40+ sets of excellent fresh equipment and a lot of experience in field games. Our judges are active and professional, and the scenarios are thought out and interesting.

Tactical Paintball is an exciting war for fun, with no casualties or damage, which can be played according to a prearranged scenario or not. Lots of fun and adrenalin is guaranteed.

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  • Teambuilding Paintball
  • Teambuilding Paintball
  • Teambuilding Paintball
  • Teambuilding Paintball
  • Teambuilding Paintball
  • Teambuilding Paintball
  • Teambuilding Paintball
  • Teambuilding Paintball
  • Teambuilding Paintball
  • Teambuilding Paintball

Normally, paintball games are played on designated outdoor or indoor fields scattered with natural or artificial terrain (natural or man-made barriers and shelters) which make the game more interesting and intense. The field can be an abandoned military base or a camp, a forest with complex terrain or a specially equipped playground.

Throughout the game you will experience many unexpected and exciting moments – exploding grenades, mines, smoke grenades, and other “surprises” specified in the script.

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Before the game starts the players undergo special training and are divided into teams, each having its mission, e.g., seizing and taking possession of various objects, capturing enemy players, preventing the enemy from performing their actions and a variety of other tasks.

One of the main issues we focus on is your safety. Before you start the game, each participant is provided with protective gear, which protects the most sensitive or vulnerable anatomical areas from direct hits. There is a doctor on duty during the entire program, like all of our events. Paintball, like no other game, allows you to strengthen team spirit and improve interaction, and create an atmosphere of mutual trust and support among your staff. You will have to fight side by side with your colleagues, learning their strengths , and demonstrating your abilities in a real situation. Even former enemies in the game, when it is over, will enthusiastically share with each their impressions and experiences of the battle.

Fort Assault

Landing a paintball assault on one of the Forts of Kronstadt.

This program will give you the opportunity to feel the drive of a real battle, but at the same time remain safe and sound. The program takes place on one of the forts of the Finnish Kronstadt, surrounded by water on all sides. Delivery to the fort is possible only by water.

Before the start of team building, while still on land, the participants are divided into two teams: "landing" and "garrison". The garrison goes to the fort and takes up the defense. The task of the garrison is to study possible vulnerabilities in the defense of the fort, and to take up firing positions. At this time, the paratroopers get acquainted with the intelligence data: the plan of the fort and photographs of its various parts. After a short meeting, they move to the fort on boats and proceed directly to the assault. During the assault, smoke bombs, paintball grenades, stretcher mines are used, which makes it unusually spectacular and exciting. According to the results of the battle, the winner is revealed, after which the teams change roles.

Fort Storm team building is one of the most dynamic and exciting team building programs. Winning the program is impossible without the coordinated efforts of the entire team and mutual assistance of the participants.

Program only for players with extensive paintball experience!

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