Evening party

Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world

Cooking Battle: Hells Kitchen Russian Edition

Each team prepares a dish under the guidance of an experienced chef. Meals each team is different. Chef leads the process, but has no right to do something for yourself: everything guests perform actions on their own. Preparing several portions to many (depends on the total number of guests) could try and assess the dish. Use of professional kitchens and finest ingredients to prepare really tasty food. In the finals, while the overall meal is voted for the most delicious and beautiful dish, the winners will be awarded prizes and everyone's attention.

Menu options:

Special offer: master class on making the most delicious homemade sausage!

The program is conducted in any place that allows for frying, cooking - or has high ceilings and enough volume, or a hood. Also requires electricity in an amount of 3 kW per team. Possible to carry out the program in the summer outdoors under eaves or tents.

  • Teambuilding Cooking Battle
  • Teambuilding Cooking Battle
  • Teambuilding Cooking Battle

Culinary duel was great, a trio of chefs under the leadership of Constantine - above all praise! Everything is done beautifully, clearly, harmoniously, but the main thing is the skill and the sea of charm :) My colleagues got great pleasure both from the process itself and from the results of their labors. Konstantin, Ivan and Alexey - many thanks.

Everything was great, the fight was generally above all expectations

Culinary duel is great! There was almost no one indifferent (as it often happens all sorts of fights ...)

Culinary duel was just great!

The culinary duel was awesome, I was very interested, a great idea and its implementation :)

The culinary bout is great! I did not expect it to be so tasty and so interesting. I just didn’t like that carrot tokens could be cut into unlimited quantities and vote practically for myself. What, in fact, the winner took advantage of ...

Culinary duel exceeded all expectations :)

This is a culinary duel - it's very cool, I still very much regret that I overslept the beginning: (((

Culinary duel - it is generally something out of the ordinary (in a good way), was pleasantly surprised

The most interesting was the culinary duel. It was an interesting experience working in a team.

Sorry I could not stay at the culinary duel, everyone was delighted with him :)

The fight was wonderful: both the organization and the process and the result, excellent cooks, delicious gourmet food

A very rich, interesting and fun program, did not have to be bored, a great option for a winter corporate party!

Culinary duel was a great idea

We did the right thing to choose a culinary duel!


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