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Cooking Battle: Hells Kitchen Russian Edition

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Teambuilding Cooking Battle

Each team prepares a dish under the guidance of an experienced chef. Meals each team is different. Chef leads the process, but has no right to do something for yourself: everything guests perform actions on their own. Preparing several portions to many (depends on the total number of guests) could try and assess the dish. Use of professional kitchens and finest ingredients to prepare really tasty food. In the finals, while the overall meal is voted for the most delicious and beautiful dish, the winners will be awarded prizes and everyone's attention.


Cooking Battle Photo

  • Teambuilding Cooking Battle
  • Teambuilding Cooking Battle
  • Teambuilding Cooking Battle
  • Teambuilding Cooking Battle
  • Teambuilding Cooking Battle
  • Teambuilding Cooking Battle
  • Teambuilding Cooking Battle

Special offers:

The program is conducted in any place that allows for frying, cooking - or has high ceilings and enough volume, or a hood. Also requires electricity in an amount of 3 kW per team. Possible to carry out the program in the summer outdoors under eaves or tents.

Teambuilding Cooking Battle

Food Truck Festival

Teambuilding Food Truck Festival combines a culinary battle, a creative food truck design program, and a fun shopping session.

Under the guidance of an experienced chef, teams prepare dishes from a variety of "street" cuisine from around the world - burgers, pancakes, hot dogs, pies, as well as lesser-known but no less delicious chevapchichi, gyros, currywurst and imquaret.

At the same time, a part of the team is designing a food truck - a “sales outlet” where dishes prepared by the team will be “sold”. For the design of the food truck, cardboard, plywood and paints are used.

Cooking Quest "Food"

In the cooking quest, the teams have to find the necessary products and ingredients before preparing the dish. For search, you can use the elements of orientation on the map or online quest, as well as various team tasks. A variant with catching fish and picking mushrooms and berries is also possible. Culinary Quest combines active team games and cooking with your own hands.

When the food truck and food are ready, the "market day" begins, in which all teams try each other's treats and "vote with money". The team that collects the maximum proceeds is declared the winner!

Sausage Workshop

Master class on making craft sausages and frankfurters. The master sausage maker will reveal the secrets of making sausages from various types of meat, seasonings and spices.

Gingerbread houses

Team building to make gingerbread houses - miniature delicious gingerbread decorations. Gingerbread blanks of various shapes and sizes, colored glaze and confectionery decor are used for construction. A gingerbread house is a beautiful and tasty souvenir with meaning. Build your corporate gingerbread town!

Chocolate School

Master class on making chocolate products. The simplest and most effective version of chocolate team building is pouring chocolate into various shapes with further decoration. Forms can be absolutely any, depending on the type of activity of the company: from wrenches to miniature drilling rigs. Forms are agreed upon and made in advance, the task of the team building participants is to create a chocolate masterpiece, decorate it and design the packaging.

During the team building process of making handmade sweets, the chocolatiers choose:

  • Candy Shape
  • Chocolate flavor
  • Stuffing
  • Topping
  • Packaging

Cocktail Workshop

Master class on making cocktails. Cocktails can be alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You can arrange an activity zone as part of a large corporate event, or make a real cocktail team building with the formation of teams, the equipment of a separate workplace for each team, simultaneous preparation of cocktails and a general tasting with voting for the best cocktail.

Can be played in the format of an intellectual game with a theoretical part, educational elements and an excursion into history.

Quiz Cooking Battle

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