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Incentive: world

Evening party


Geocaching is the perfect scenario for a corporate event, because the result of the game depends on both personal and team effort. The idea of the game is that some players hide caches, then determine their GPS coordinates and report them by radio to the base. Other players, using the given coordinates and GPS devices, search for these caches. There can be also caches hidden by the organizers.

It may seem very easy to find a cache, if you have the coordinates, using a GPS navigator, but it is not easy at all. Satellite navigation devices normally have a location error of not less than five meters. And, sometimes it is not enough just to know the GPS coordinates to find a cache; you will need a detailed “legend” describing the location of the cache.

The team which finds the most caches is the winner. How successful the cache search is depends on the efforts of every team member and the coordinated actions of the whole team, which is why geocaching is a great team building option for your company.

Geocaching good as stage at Mega games, Great Challenge and others.

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