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The program team building is to create an animated film by clay animation. We use the classic version - shot volume, "naturalistic" characters in physical volume space (scenery). This somewhat reduces the possibilities of animation (the characters on the force of gravity - in every frame they have to stand on their own), but it makes the process very simple and clear, and greatly simplifies the installation of the cartoon.

The program involves a huge amount of team work - from inventing characters and animating them, to the final voice. It's really unusual, fun and exciting at the same time there is a visible overall result - cartoon.

Depending on the wishes, you can shoot a common cartoon, with common characters and specify a script or set of short sketches on an arbitrary topic.

We can use Beatbox as cartoon element.

To demonstrate the possibilities, we removed the cartoon trial, and did so quickly, to simplify the technical side - that is what is guaranteed to get beginners multipliers, in the presence of a certain talent and diligence results may be materially higher quality:

Cartoon Making Video

Lego Animation

Lego animation is the creation of a cartoon based on a Lego constructor, or a similar constructor. It is possible to create a full-fledged cartoon with a plot and characters, or visualize building a house, city, car or ship.

An animated Lego movie is a great way to combine creative animation team building with building if the participants are technically minded and gravitate towards construction - this option for filming a cartoon is perfect.

Lego animation is a separate animation genre, and is distinguished by the relative simplicity of creating characters and scenery, while having high recognition and colorful pictures.

Teambuilding Cartoon Making

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