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Diving is one of the most exotic and exciting corporate activities.

Diving lets you lift the veil of deep water mystery. The water hides a lot of interesting things in its blue depths, like fallen meteorites and incredible landscapes, sunken galleons laden with gold and fascist cruisers laden with deadly weapons, flocks of colorful fish and shells with pearls. You are granted a wonderful opportunity to admire the flora and fauna of sea waters. Maybe you will be fortunate enough to find an ancient artifact, or just a beautiful shell.

In addition, diving gives you a sense of three-dimensional space. When on the ground, we are restricted by two dimensions, we can move back and forth, left and right, but all restrictions disappear under water. This is where you can enjoy complete freedom of movement; similar in nature to weightlessness.

The "Treasures of the Deep" begins with a short boat trip to the dive site, where, after a detailed briefing, you will begin your search for a hidden cache under the water. At your request the cache can be hidden in a compartment of a sunken ship, or somewhere in the diverse terrain of the seabed.

Safety is ensured by experienced diving instructors.

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