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Incentive: 2 days

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Medieval Workshop

A blacksmith or farrier was the first person to stop plowing and sowing and start the complicated process of processing red-hot metal. Historically the danger of fire made smiths settle on the outskirts of villages, and that is why people used to attribute magical powers to them – sometimes people even used to come and ask blacksmiths to cure sick villagers. Time passed and some other skilled people turned from farming to their own handcraft businesses. The era of commodity-money relations came into being.

You have a unique opportunity to go back a few centuries and find yourself at a crafts and folk art fair. Have you ever seen a potter or a blacksmith working? Now you can become one of them! Master workmen using original techniques and materials will give master classes and will give you the opportunity to try your hand at:

  • Pottery Workshop – you will make a jug on the potter's wheel, then attach a handle, and bake it in a kiln
  • Smith Workshop– you can make a nail, an arrowhead, or a horseshoe
  • Tin Jewelry Workshop– you will cast a real medallion
  • Wickerwork Workshop - you will make a basket out of vines and bark or try platting to create a mat with your own hands
  • Glassblowing - an elementary master class in blowing simple bottles
  • Woodcarving – you can try to make a spoon or a comb out of wood
  • Weaving – you will enjoy making yarn or fabric, as it was made several hundred years ago
  • Felting – make your own felt boot for the winter
  • Samogon brewing – make your own drink from sugar syrup

An additional bonus:

  • Milk a cow with your own hands!

Good as addon for Medieval Quest, Knight Tournament, Fort Boyard etc.

  • team building
  • team building
  • team building