Christmas party

Incentive: 2 days

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Handmade workshop teambuilding

A blacksmith or farrier was the first person to stop plowing and sowing and start the complicated process of processing red-hot metal. Historically the danger of fire made smiths settle on the outskirts of villages, and that is why people used to attribute magical powers to them – sometimes people even used to come and ask blacksmiths to cure sick villagers. Time passed and some other skilled people turned from farming to their own handcraft businesses. The era of commodity-money relations came into being.

You have a unique opportunity to go back a few centuries and find yourself at a crafts and folk art fair. Have you ever seen a potter or a blacksmith working? Now you can become one of them! Master workmen using original techniques and materials will give master classes and will give you the opportunity to try your hand at:

An additional bonus:

Good as addon for Medieval Quest, Knight Tournament, Fort Boyard etc.

  • team building Handmade workshop
  • team building Handmade workshop
  • team building Handmade workshop

I really liked the master classes! I would never have organized this for myself and got real pleasure, including the fact that there were 4 of them, and they are so different.

and now I can also make baskets and prepare sushi :) it's very cool!

Workshops on the second day are a great idea!

master classes and the mafia really liked

And the master classes after the night party are a great choice, they bring to mind:)

Master Classes - great! What you need!

I really liked the workshop - fun, dynamic, interesting topics from the workshops themselves.

Next day’s workshops were also very popular.

Workshops are interesting, not delayed, there was time for communication.

Especially liked making soap!

I learned how to make rolls in the collar, ovio

I really liked the workshops right this time

I liked everything, especially impressed by the conference and master classes

Saturday workshops were very interesting

Workshops were weird - everyone silently sat and did something different, not very much like team-building. My whole group was in one team, I was in another, consisting of a predominantly different group. In general, maybe I just don’t like to do something with my own hands. At the same time, there are no comments to the organization.


Law Firm

I liked everything, the organizers are on top, etc. Well done, as always, great, there were small rough edges, but in general - excellent.