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This is an extreme adventure and entertainment program for an all-male company using various military equipment and weapons.

The action takes place on one of the polygons of an active military base in the Leningrad oblast. The participants are delivered to the base by a military truck. On arrival everybody is provided with a military uniform, which they can keep as a gift, but more interestingly, you can see, hear and use real military equipment and firearms!

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At the beginning of the program you will undergo brief theoretical training followed by practical training on the spot. Then, you will have real range practice with the legendary Kalashnikov AK-74, a Makarov pistol , Kalashnikov machine gun and the Dragunov sniper rifle . For those who like it hot, there is an AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher and a hand-held, anti-tank RPG-7grenade launcher. You will learn how to drive an APC –armored infantry combat vehicle – or even a tank, and then take part in a race on these vehicles. A lot of fun and excitement guaranteed!

Now changed to Outpost and Tactic Paintball.

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