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This team adventure game is based on riddles and puzzles. The purpose of the game is to find the final destination, a key object or information about the terrain. Depending on the scenario, it might be the code to a safe containing bank notes, the key to a cell with hostages, the name a trained sea turtle in the zoo responds to, and so forth. You can find it only by solving a series of puzzles; moreover, every puzzle, as a rule, is more complicated than the previous one and uses the answer to the previous one. The answer to the final puzzle explains the whole game situation and marks the end of the game. The participants are divided into several teams that will experience a number of exciting and mind-bending adventures.

Before the start, every team is provided with set of items which should be used throughout the game, for example a map of the city, a legend, pictures of different objects in the game, lanterns, and numerical or alphabetical clues. For example, there can be a picture of a well known historical place in the city but taken from an unusual angle, and accompanied by a satellite image.

You will have to demonstrate knowledge in various fields - from Morse code to the periodic table of elements, from a variety of historical facts to letter puzzles.

The main weapons of the players is logic and intuition, but classical methods may also work (a call to a friend or help from the Internet). Another well-proven approach, widely known since Sir Holmes' times, is the method of mathematical deduction.

The winner is the team that is first to give a correct answer to the final question, though it does not require completing the entire route. It is also possible to play a scenario where there is one common goal, and teams work together to achieve it. Then the routes and tasks will be different for each team.

If the game is held in the city, the route will include the most famous and popular historical places such as Peter and Paul Fortress and St. Isaac's Cathedral - for non-resident players, and, conversely, for the residents of St. Petersburg it will involve a number of unusual places, from attics and steeples to the interior rooms of movable bridges. If the game takes place outside the city, we try to find the most beautiful areas. Depending on the scenario, a variety of different transportation means can be involved in the game, e.g., boats, off-road vehicles, bicycles or even a helicopter.

Here is an example of a comparatively complex puzzle: you need to figure out the sum of the letters, according to an alphabetical sequence, of the name of the person who is sitting opposite the hedgehog, in the vicinity of a pink hippo. The distance from the hedgehog to the gods of an extinguished tribe from Southern Colombia is equal to 82 parrots, and there is the same distance to the monument to a Sandpiper, “Falcon” series. However, the distance between the gods and the monument is 107 parrots. Hint: The distance from the hedgehog to the fence of the Turkish trophies is 203 parrots. The search area is the territory of St. Petersburg. You have just a few hours to reach your goal.

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