Evening party

Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world


Karting is a form of recreation, comparatively recent in Russia, which can be an excellent base for an exciting corporate event. A kart is a small, open, four-wheel drive, race car with a small engine capacity, which can be driven by anyone regardless of driving skills, age or gender. Karting is actually the only possibility for ordinary people to feel like professional race car drivers while remaining completely safe. The seat with a padded backrest eliminates the displacement of the driver when cornering. The car is equipped with special shields to protect the driver from getting burned by parts that become hot.

Indoor karting events are possible all year round regardless of weather conditions. Trails for karting are notable for their complex configuration with a large number of turns, and can be from 400 to 1200 meters long. Karting opens wide possibilities for your corporate event scenario: it can be a “duel,” tournament, or even a team championship, where the winner will receive a personal prize!

This exciting and thrilling experience guarantees an adrenaline rush, a lot of fun, and unforgettable impressions that will stay with your employees for a long time both at work and at home.