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Adventure team building - rowing boat trip. It can be organized in the format of one or two days on Ladoga or on Lake Vuoksa.

Team building at Vuoksa

Team building on Vuoksa is carried out on rowing boats of the Pella type.

Game legend: “After global warming and the melting of glaciers, the world has sunk under water. The few survivors of the Great Flood, the inhabitants of the planet live in a variety of floating shelters. Piracy has revived, civilization is gradually fading away, but there is a legend according to which part of the land still remained above the water. Finding land is the great dream of all times and peoples!”

Your task in this team building is to find "land". Along the way, the teams will encounter many interesting and difficult, but surmountable obstacles, passing which you will receive hints, which will greatly facilitate the movement towards the goal.

Team building at Vuoksa can be implemented in two formats - "unifying" and "competitive". In the "unifying" scenario, all teams work towards a common goal, which allows them to unite the participants and improve teamwork skills. In the "competitive" scenario, all teams compete against each other, soaking up the spirit of competition and achievement.

At the end of the program, on one of the beautiful islands, a barbecue and a fun disco will await you.

Water trip on rowing boats is a summer team building program, its peculiarity is that the tasks are either on the water, or the path to them passes through the water. Water, sand and sun will make the event festive and unforgettable.

Team building on Ladoga

Team building is held in the Northern Ladoga region, on the skerries of Lake Ladoga - one of the most beautiful places on the Karelian Isthmus. Skerries - the rocky coast of Ladoga with an abundance of bays, bays and islands covered with pure pine forests.

Participants come by boat to one of the islands. On the island, the team is waiting for various adventures and tests, the purpose of which is to find out on which of the islands the treasures are hidden. Together you will have to complete many difficult and interesting tasks, solve a large number of puzzles, overcome all obstacles and obstacles. Step by step, passing tests, the team will learn more about the place where the treasure is hidden, and in the end you have to choose from all the islands - one!

When the island is chosen, you will go there on the Yal-6 boats. The boats are rowing, but in good weather conditions you can set the sail under a fair wind.

If the island is chosen incorrectly, and there is no treasure on it, the participants will have to complete an additional task and move to the desired island, where the treasure and buffet will be waiting!

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