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Water World

This adventure team building game takes place at a lost Archipelago.

After global warming caused the glaciers to melt, the world was plunged into water. Small groups of people, who managed to survive the Great Flood, now live in a kind of floating shelter. Piracy is common again, and the civilization is gradually fading away. But there is a legend among the survivors, that somewhere there is still dry land, and finding it is the primary and crucial goal for these people!

Your task in this game is to find this piece of dry land. Along the way, the teams will face lots of interesting and challenging but not insurmountable obstacles, each of which results in uncovering “clues,” which will make it easier for the team to reach the target.

Like any other program, Water World can be implemented in two ways - "cooperative" or "competitive." In the "cooperative" scenario, all teams work in collaboration to reach a common goal. This version of the game contributes to improved teamwork and a stronger bonding among your employees. In the "competitive" scenario, the teams compete with each other, moved by the spirit of competition and achievement.At the end of the program, when dry land is discovered, you will be able to enjoy a barbecue, bar and a disco at one of the most beautiful islands. "Water World" is a summer program, since all stages of the route are either located in the water, or can be reached only by water. Water, sand and the sun is a golden combination, which ensures a festive and memorable event.

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