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Orbeez Battle

The orbeez gun fires orbeez balls, which are 99% of water, making them environmentally friendly. Hydrogel balls are soaked in water for 3-6 hours, after which they acquire their normal size - the usual 7.62 millimeters. This transformation makes hydroball ammunition very cheap, which allows military team buildings with unlimited ammunition.

Orbeez blasters can copy famous weapons, or have a futuristic fictional design. Inside the blaster is a rechargeable battery that powers the pneumatic system to fire the hydrogel balls.

Team building scenarios are similar to paintball - "oncoming battle", "capture the base", "escort the VIP person." Any territory can be a playground for team building - orbeez balls are completely harmless and safe. The ball hit is good, but not painful. For maximum safety, we play orbeez games with protective masks or goggles.

  • Teambuilding Orbeez Battle
  • Teambuilding Orbeez Battle

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