Christmas party

Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world


Depending on the type of vessel we can reach the following locations on the map:

  • Valaam. Valaam archipelago is located in the northern part of the Lake Ladoga, 22 kilometers from the mainland and about 220 miles from St. Petersburg. It consists of more than 50 islands. By "Meteor," the one way trip takes around 4 hours, which means it is possible to fit the event into one day without an overnight stay on the island. If slower vehicles are used, the whole event (with return trip) may take up to the 2-3 days.
  • Hogland is the largest and highest island of the Gulf of Finland. It is located approximately 180 kilometers from St. Petersburg. It is characterized by steep rocky shores, clear inland lakes and pine forests, which make the landscape simply great, and moreover it is not highly visited by tourists.
  • Nut fortress is a medieval fortress located at the mouth of the Neva River, 50 km from St. Petersburg. The fortress was founded by the grandson of Alexander Nevsky in XIIII century. For a long time it was under the Swedes, but was later re-conquered by Peter the Great. At the moment, it is partly renovated, and hosts several museums.
  • Konevets is an island in Lake Ladoga, just 5 km from the mainland, situated between Priozersk and the Burnaya River (which starts from the Losevsky rapid). The famous Konevets monastery is on the island.
  • Fort Alexander I is a larger reconstruction of the famous fort "Bayar» (BOYARD). It is an artificial island in the form of a "pod" with three-tiered gun casemates and a closed courtyard, and walls “growing” out of the water. It is a beautiful fortification monument that has never seen any battles.
  • Kronstadt forts. Besides Fort Alexander I, Kronstadt forts are represented by coastal batteries of different calibers. The arms race at the end of the XIX and beginning of XX centuries resulted in larger caliber artillery, while simultaneously reducing the height of the fortifications. The size of some of the remaining buildings in the fort areas still surprise tourist.

Vessels which can be used for the program:

The "Meteor” is a hydrofoil, as fast as 32 knots (60 km \ h), with a capacity of up to 120 people.

The "Moscow" is a double-decker boat, with a speed of 12 knots (25 km \ h) and can carry up to 120 people.

Ships with cabins: these are luxurious three- and four-decker ships, with conference facilities and restaurants on board. Their capacity is up to 320 people.

While on board, you may participate in a variety of programs, such as Role Playing Game, Mafia and Brain Ring. On land, depending on the location, many other programs can be organized, for example, Team Race, other types of orienteering games, and various military and creative programs.