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In our opinion, now chess does not need to be able to play, and even on the contrary - one must not be able to. The most interesting chess game is between the players who see chess for the second time in their life. Yes, you need to know how the figures go and what the goal of the game is, but that's it. Then it really is tactics, planning and mindfulness.

But in professional chess, these abilities gradually go to the background, and the main role is played by only one skill - a phenomenal memory. Players are in the mind of sorting out possible combinations, and who remembered a deeper one - he brought himself closer to victory. That's why computer programs have long played better than any grandmasters.

And if that's the case, we suggest resolutely reject doubts such as "I do not know how to play," and organize corporate chess team building.

In addition to chess itself, a mandatory attribute of the tournament is a chess clock for each board. Hours limit the allowable time for each turn, which gives the game significant dynamics and allows you to partially get rid of the influence of "remembering" even in batches between experienced players.

The optimal option for beginners, allowing you to think a little bit over the move - the format of "Rapid": a limit of 3 seconds per move + limit the total time of the game in 10 minutes. For experienced players, there is an even faster version of the "blitz" with a limit of 5 minutes per game.

The tournament usually takes place in 5-7 rounds, in which all participants are guaranteed to play each other, which takes an average of 3-4 hours. Possible as a personal and team classification.

Judges are qualified sports judges, as well as experienced chess players in St. Petersburg, and professional software is used to calculate points and determine winners.

It is also possible to hold a tournament for any board games: Carcassonne, Munchkin, Monopoly, Checkers, Nardam and any others, and also develop a game specially for the tournament.

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  • Teambuilding Chess Battle
  • Teambuilding Chess Battle
  • Teambuilding Chess Battle

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