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Magic Show

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Large illusionary performance starring guests.

Several teams take part in the show, preparing for the stage for two hours under the guidance of the best illusionists. Illusionists will teach teams spectacular tricks - reincarnation, the appearance and disappearance of objects, guessing cards and hidden words.

Unusual magic tricks with professional props, combined with performance by colleagues, guarantee the success of the performance, and feeling like a real magician on stage is an invaluable experience and wonderful team building. Feel like the main characters of Illusion of Deception!

Also, participation in an illusion show is also an excellent training in public speaking, oratory, choreography and control of the viewer's attention.

Magic Show - a truly magical team building!

Teambuilding Magic Show

The magic begins right now! Introducing a magical eye-controlled app: look at the crosshairs in the center and zoom in and out on your computer or phone screen. And you will see how it makes the circles move!

Teambuilding Magic Show

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