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SSV Rally Team

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Together with the famous sports team of Maria Oparina "Maria Oparina Team" we offer Super-VIP team building: participation in international rally-raids behind the wheel of a sports car.

Cars - buggies SSV (side-by-side vehicle), represent an intermediate link between a classic car and an ATV: the pilot and navigator sit side by side, the control is automobile, and the transmission and suspension are close to the ATV. Due to this, the buggy class (SSV) on rally raids has a number of advantages:

Teambuilding SSV Rally Team

Maria Oparina Team is the first in Russia to offer SSVs for racing, has over 20 years of experience in motorsport, a large number of victories in Russian and international competitions and unsurpassed competence in the technical preparation of SSVs for rally raids.

Teambuilding SSV Rally Team

We will take care of everything related to the organization of participation in the race: rental, preparation and delivery of equipment, compliance of equipment with the technical regulations of the race, maintenance of equipment at the race at the highest level, payment of entry fees, travel, accommodation and meals for all team members , including the pilot and navigator.

Teambuilding SSV Rally Team

In addition to the technical component, we can provide an experienced navigator for the race, a repeated participant in international rally raids, as well as help in improving the driver's skills throughout the race.

SSV Rally Team Photo

  • Teambuilding SSV Rally Team
  • Teambuilding SSV Rally Team
  • Teambuilding SSV Rally Team
  • Teambuilding SSV Rally Team
  • Teambuilding SSV Rally Team
  • Teambuilding SSV Rally Team

It is possible to participate in races of any level: from the Russian "Baja Northern Forest" and "Gold of Kagan", to world-class races - "Morocco Rally", "Silk Way", and, of course, the top race of the planet, the dream of all racers – Dakar Rally!

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