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The versatility of golf is that this sport is accessible to people of any age and any physical fitness. This is a game that gives a boost of health and stamina, gives aesthetic pleasure, and unites people.

The feeling with which you make your first strike is unique: a mixture of delight, excitement and a big victory. In 120 minutes, our coach will immerse you in the atmosphere of real sports - you will become a participant in the tournament!


The training program begins with a short theoretical course, revealing the basic rules of the game and capturing the attention of participants from the first minutes:

Teambuilding Golf Party

After the introductory part, the instructor invites participants to the training area, where players are introduced to the types of clubs and the specifics of strokes. Participants receive equipment, practice their grip, stance, and make their first strike.

DRIVING RANGE: This is the most interesting and longest stage of the program. After all, as it turned out, it’s not that simple... At this stage, the participants, under the guidance of instructors, make dozens of strikes, honing their newly acquired skills.

CHIPPING & PUTTING-GREEN: In the third and fourth parts of the program, the participants, having become familiar with the features of the short game, begin to practice shots: chip and putt.

TOURNAMENT: The result of the program is a tournament of participants for individual or group competition. The number of players does not matter, excitement and pleasure from the process are guaranteed to everyone!

Golf cart rides included in the program!

Teambuilding Golf Party

Additional activities available at the golf resort:

Disc Golf

Disc golf is an alternative to classic golf for forested areas and city parks that have natural barriers to the disc's flight path. Players try to complete the course in the least number of throws of the disc from the start to the basket, and each subsequent throw, as in classical golf, is made from the place where the disc stops. The game is played by the number of throws without taking into account time.

Disc golf is a more accessible and democratic form of golf, because to start playing you only need a basket and a pair of discs.

Teambuilding Golf Party

Winter Golf

For playing golf in winter, winter rules and orange balls are used. Winter rules of golf allow you to clear the ball from snow and raise a buried ball to the surface, and the orange color of the balls increases their visibility on a snowy course. Real winter golf - a game for the most persistent!

Teambuilding Golf Party

Golf Simulator

The golf simulator is perfect for learning to play golf, as well as as independent entertainment - interactive. The simulator uses real clubs and balls, as well as a screen and projector connected to a computer. The courses played in the simulator replicate real golf courses around the world. The simulator analyzes the player’s position, swing and impact on the ball, and builds the expected trajectory of the ball, taking into account, among other things, weather conditions on the virtual field.

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