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Gambling program on the beach, in which teams compete against each other in the scenery of a tropical island.

Team building Survivor is mandatory on the beach or sandy area. A sand pillow is needed for active tasks - running on sand is hard, but completely safe. Also, elements of structures and decorations are installed in the sand. Team building decoration Survivor - in the style of a tropical island, bamboo, braided ropes, canvas, coconuts are used.

In warm weather, water is used in competitions - swimming on rafts, running along the coastline, filling barrels, searching for artifacts in shallow water. Also, fun competitions with native Papuans are waiting for you, and a meeting with the "Tasmanian devil", from whose lair the teams will have to pull out as many coconuts as possible.

All Survivor team building tasks are very active, use elements of sports and relay races, but at the same time require real teamwork, support and mutual assistance. The ability to listen to the team, trust and make quick decisions is necessary to achieve victory!

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Teambuilding Survivor

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