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We offer several classic board games most suitable for corporate performance. These are simple but interesting games that can be easily and quickly customized. It is also possible to develop completely original games with unique mechanics. We will do everything on a turnkey basis - from developing and coordinating the layout to printing and packaging.

Noah's Ark

Number of players - from 2 to 8 people.

The game process is based on memorization and selection of the same symbols depicted on game cards (chips).

The set includes from 35 to 45 chips - one side of which has different images, and the other side (shirt) is the same for all. Each chip has its own counterpart with the same image, and one is unpaired.

All chips are laid out on the table and turned face down.

One is turned over (opened) with the image up. Then the first player reveals the second chip. If the images on them matched, then he takes both chips for himself and opens the next one. If the images are different, then the first chip is closed and the move goes to the next player.

The goal of the game is to collect the maximum number of sets of two identical tiles.

The move is passed around the circle in a clockwise direction.

The player's task during the game is to gradually remember the location of the chips on the table and, thanks to this, open the paired chips.

The game develops memory well and trains figurative thinking.

In a corporate version, the game allows an employee, partner or potential client to remember well the combination of the company logo and symbols with the images of the goods or services offered.

To do this, the company logo is applied to the back of the chips, and the goods, images and symbols produced or sold by the company are selected as symbols. The name of the game can also be adjusted according to the corporate theme.

Teambuilding Corporate Board Games

Total Cover Game

Number of players 2-7 people. The game process is similar to the well-known card game "fool", but the "suit" and "value" of the cards are developed individually, taking into account the specifics of the company's business.

A deck of 60 cards is used for the game, the cards are shuffled, some are dealt to players randomly, the rest remain in the deck.

On each card, in addition to the "suit", there are also special properties that provide additional opportunities for using the card in the game.

The game is played according to the rules of the fool card game, but taking into account the use of special card properties.

The first player to have no cards left in their hand is the winner.

Career Ladder Game

Number of players 2-6 people.

The game mechanics are based on classic board games.

The game is a field on which possible routes of movement are laid.

The task of the players is to start from the start first to reach the finish line, passing the entire playing field.

The location of the players on the field is marked with game pieces. All movements are carried out on a random number of cells. The number of cells is determined by rolling a die, usually.

On the way, players encounter various obstacles, various surprises lie in wait for them. There are special shortcuts between individual cells, some contain traps, etc.

In the corporate version, the playing field is designed with the company's business in mind.

The player must start from the bottom of the career ladder to climb to the chair of the head of the entire corporation.

On the way, the player will visit different divisions of the company, learn about its business and the product or services provided.

Corporate mobile games

We develop corporate-themed mobile games in 2D format. We recommend simple popular genres, with an emphasis on company recognition - platformers, runners, clickers, puzzles and other casual game formats aimed primarily at an internal audience. Corporate mobile games allow employees to convey important information about the company in a playful way, hold an online competition or tournament, increase brand awareness and employee loyalty.

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