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Beer Casino is a competitive game in which guests taste beer and bet on its various characteristics. If a bet is placed on the correct characteristic, it is doubled, tripled or quadrupled, and if it is placed on the wrong one, it is lost. The game uses classic poker chips, or specially printed “fan-money” chips with the company logo. The winner of the game is determined by the maximum amount of chips earned.

In the game Beer Casino, various types of beer are played - from light European lager and classic pale ale to imperial stout and Belgian tripel. You can bet on style, alcohol content, and country of origin. Our thoughtful betting field and interesting selection of beers allows you to choose between several of the most likely options every time. In one game, from 8 to 12 types of beer are played.

Teambuilding Beer Casino

During the beer tasting, the beer sommelier tells interesting facts about beer:

The game does not use real money, but Beer Casino is a very exciting game!

Wine Casino

An alternative to the Beer Casino - a classic wine casino, with wine tasting and bets on the year of harvest, country of production, grape variety and production technology. In one game, 5 or 6 varieties are played.

Teambuilding Beer Casino

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